Dr Joseph Aluoch launches 2nd book

Congratulations to PATS President, Dr Joe Aluoch, on the launch of his 2nd book, Fifty years of health services in Kenya (1968-2018), this week.

Synopsis: After the successful launch of my autobiography, In the footsteps of my father (2015), colleagues expressed deep appreciation for my wealth of experience in medical practice in Kenya over the last 50 years. They encouraged me to document these experiences for posterity. Doctors are not famous for their prowess with the pen, and medical practice is notoriously demanding. Still, some distinguished colleagues took up the challenge, and this book is the result. Their singular contribution represents a rich, one-of-a-kind look at the evolving landscape of medical practice in Kenya by the very people who made it happen. Clearly, this is not a text-book of Medicine: rather, it is a deeply personal and idiosyncratic account of the often-lonely vision, challenges, struggles, milestones and achievements of a stock of hard-nosed medical pioneers.

The context is a typical developing country situation: overwhelmed, resource-starved and cash-strapped. The response is no less arresting: full of improvisation, ingenuity and daring-do. Practicing doctors, academicians, medical historians, policy makers and students of Medicine should find this an interesting reading.