World Lung Day 2019

World Lung Day on 25th September is an important day for African health.

Lung diseases are a major cause of death and illness in Africa. Pneumonia is a major killer of African children. COPD, asthma and lung cancer are predominant non-communicable diseases on the continent. And asthma is the commonest chronic disease in children. Not only is disease highly prevalent but it is also more severe than that in high income countries.

There are several reasons for this. African populations are exposed to many harmful risk factors such as pollution, cigarette smoke, infections and malnutrition. Access to affordable, effective health care is limited in many areas. And effective preventive strategies are unavailable to many.

On World Lung Day, the Pan African Thoracic Society joins the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) in calling for access to affordable health care for all.

Access the World Lung Day Press release and Factsheet here.

Please sign the Charter for Lung Health here to promote strengthened lung health in Africa. You can also find various World Lung Day resources here.